SIBO Fluidra Catalog

SIBOFluidra Catalogue | March2023 GENERAL CONDITIONS While preparing this catalogue, we endeavor to describe all prices, pictures and technical information as precisely as possible. However, in the event of an error, we do not accept any legal liability or claim arising from any error. All prices within this catalogue may be amended at any time, without prior notification, at the discretion of SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. • Prices shown are in Euro, and are retail prices, excluding VAT, unless stated otherwise. Prices are valid fromDecember 21, 2022. • Any quantities listed in the catalogue are for information only. GENERALDELIVERY INFORMATION • If orders are received before 12:00 h, we will do our best to send the order the same day. • Orders that are picked up, are ready for pickup 2 hours after the order is confirmed by SIBO Fluidra. It is not possible to place additional orders at the collection desk. • The collection desk has the following opening hours from 8.00 to 17.00. • In case of cash payment, the following fees will be charged per order: 20.00 € plus 5 % of the net order value. • For special transport, freight from Warehouse Veghel (such as special length freight or hazardous substances). • Express shipments always at extra cost. TRANSPORTCOSTS Transport costs are not included. They vary according sizes, weight and destination. PACKAGE Themaximum size of a package is 3.00meters (1x the length + 2x the width + 2x the height), the maximum length is 1.75m. If a package is larger than 1.75m, the surcharge for length freight will be charged. SURCHARGES • Shipments with a different delivery address than the standard delivery address will be surcharged €50,- extra per shipment (dropshipment). • Shipments that cannot be delivered to another address and a second delivery is required will be surcharged €75,- extra per shipment. Surcharge for a delivery in a certain time block is always on request. • Orders of 20 or more bags of sand and/or glass (total weight >500 kg) will be surcharged €75,- extra per shipment. GUIDELINES FOR RETURNS 1. Announce: 1.1. A request to return one or more products to SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. can only be announced via the website by filling in all required data. 1.2. Unannounced returns will not be handled. 1.3. Returned goods must be supplied undamaged, complete, in their original package (see instructions on the website) and with a copy of the purchase papers (upload via website). 1.4. After reception and check of the return shipment, SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. will credit the items. For items whose delivery date is more than 2 weeks ago, 10% of the return amount will be deducted for handling costs (administration costs + handling costs warehouse). 2. Exclusions: 2.1. Products that were specially ordered cannot be returned to SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. 2.2. Products of which the purchase at SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. cannot be proven. 2.3. Products and/or packaging that cannot be sold as new. 2.4. Products that have been delivered more than 2 months ago. 2.5. Items that are not submitted complete (incl. instructions and all accessories). GUIDELINES FOR RECLAMATIONS (WARRANTY) 1. Announce: 1.1. Reclamations can only be announced via the website en/service by filling in all required data. 1.2. Unannounced reclamations will not be handled. 1.3. Reclamations concerning deliveries must be reported within 24 hours after receiving the shipment. 1.4. In case a reclamation is not covered by warranty, after research, or the product is judged without malfunctions, the costs made for collection can be charged. 1.5. In case a product is offered to SIBO Fluidra for repair, a disassembly- and inspection fee of € 45 will be charged. This fee will be canceled in case of actual repair. Repair costs below € 100 (excl. VAT) wil be automatically performed by our technicians. In case of warranty these costs will not be charged. The warranty determination is made exclusively by our service technicians. 2. Exclusions: 2.1. Consumables or products that are subject to wear and tear (i.e. UV-C bulbs, quartz sleeves, bearings, membranes, and seals). 2.2. Products on which adjustments and/or repairs have been made which were not carried out on the instructions of SIBO Fluidra. 2.3. Products of which the purchase at SIBO Fluidra Netherlands B.V. cannot be proven. 2.4. Products that have been used not according the description/manual. 2.5. Products that have been damaged through incorrect use, inadvertence or negligent maintenance. Retour form Reclamation form