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If you decide to have a pond in the garden you’ll want to enjoy it to the full. So it is important for a pond to be installed and maintained correctly. As a technical wholesaler in pond articles, SIBO Fluidra with house brand AquaForte supplies products for a clear, clean and healthy pond.

Due to many years of experience, we are able to serve our customers optimally. We provide total solutions for any kind of pond: from hobby ponds to professional koi ponds. Our range consists of such items as Plug & Play Filter systems, pumps, UV-C units and water treatment products. SIBO Fluidra works with reputable brands such as AquaForte, Microbe-Lift, Kusuri, Sander, Blue Eco and Valterra. In this magazine we are pleased to introduce these brands and their products to you.

The benefits of our products


Own brand AquaForte with an extensive and sustainable range for the pond industry.

Total solutions for every type of pond: from hobby ponds to professional koi ponds.
We have been acquiring knowledge and technology in the pond industry for many years and we are happy to share it with you.
A focus on sustainable and energy-saving total range

Our (koi) pond brands

Pond Magazine

Pond Magazine is an annually published magazine by SIBO
Fluidra, specially for the end-user. This provides comprehensive information about the construction and maintenance of a pond. We answer questions such as: Why does a pond need a filtration system? What products do I need for a clear and healthy pond? How do I avoid green water and what should I pay attention to when choosing a product?

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