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SIBO Fluidra feels involved with its partners in the well-being of swimming enthusiasts and their environment. It is therefore our mission to provide products for safe, healthy and clear pool water. At SIBO Fluidra you will find a complete range for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools in the private sector. We also have a diverse range of products, specially selected for (semi) public swimming pools.

For example, you will find filters, pumps, lighting, UV-C lamps, water treatment units, heating products, connection materials and swimming pool accessories with us. By using our products, swimmers can enjoy their swimming pool carefree.

The benefits for you :

Using innovative products and developments from our own Astral Pool brand
Unique and sustainable products that are water-saving and also good for the environment.
Part of the Fluidra Group, allowing us to use their extensive product knowledge and production capacity.
AstralPool spare parts easy to order online .

Our swimming pool brands



Unique and sustainable

With unique products and sustainable technologies SIBO
Fluidra protects swimmers against pathogens like moulds, bacteria and viruses. By installing the proper components, like the Blue Lagoon UV-C units, the chlorine concentration in pools can be reduced significantly. This not only minimizes the unpleasant chlorine smell, but also reduces physical discomfort like red eyes and irritations of the skin and respiratory system.

SIBO Fluidra likes to think green! The use of energy saving products does not only benefit the energy bill, but also the CO2 reduction and the environment.

International market leader

SIBO Fluidra is part of the Spanish Fluidra Group, international market leader in the field of swimming pools. As a result, we are able to use the extensive product knowledge and production capacity of the holding company. In addition, our customers have immediate access to the specialized range of swimming pool products from AstralPool. Being one of the most prominent brands in the pool industry, the AstralPool products are durable and of high-quality, which in addition to saving water, is also good for the environment.

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