SIBO B.V. has already been the exclusive dealer of the energy efficient Blue Eco pumps for 6 years.

From January 1st 2016, SIBO took over all the distribution and service activities for the Blue Eco pumps from Estrad B.V. In recent months, both companies cooperated closely to transfer the necessary knowledge and equipment to SIBO. SIBO becomes the main contact for all dealers and users.

Due to the takeover of all the Blue Eco activities, SIBO guarantees its customers the best service possible. From January 1st 2016 SIBO provides the dry-running protection and the timer function by default as an additional service.

Since the Blue Eco introduction in 2010, it is hard to imagine the current pond world without Blue Eco pumps. SIBO and Estrad have taken care that Blue Eco pumps conquered a steady position in many ponds. The durability, high flow and extreme low power consumption are the main success factors. The pump consumes up to 50% less energy, thus also benefitting the environment and CO2 reduction. With the Blue Eco pond pumps, SIBO can meet the rising demand for sustainable, energy-efficient and fully adjustable pond pumps.

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