Adjustable pond pumps: energy efficient and sustainable

Adjustable pond pumps are becoming increasingly popular. The biggest advantage of these pumps is that they can be adjusted precisely to different seasons and situations. Especially in winter months this can save a lot of energy. SIBO Fluidra offers a wide range of adjustable pond pumps with the complete Blue Eco series, the AquaForte DM-Vario and the new O-Plus Vario.

One of the reasons for purchasing an adjustable pond pump is to make sure that the capacity of the pump is sufficient for each situation. Therefore, we recommend choosing a pump that has overcapacity so that you can always adjust the number of turns based on the situation. For example, you need higher capacity to flush a Bead Filter.

Another advantage is that an adjustable pump does not run at full power at all times, that makes the pump last much longer. In addition, with a variable pump you can also save a lot of energy. During the colder months, on average in Europe from November to March, the capacity of the pond pump can be significantly reduced. This is reflected in your energy bill.

New: O-Plus Vario

SIBO Fluidra has a wide range of adjustable pond pumps, including the energy-efficient Blue Eco series. In addition to the DM Vario, we introduced the O-Plus Vario at the beginning of this year. The pump has an external controller that lets you control the flow, and thus power consumption, from 30 to 100%. In addition, the controller can turn the pump on and off. The O-Plus Vario is specially designed for underwater applications.

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