With these 5 tips, your pond stays in top condition, even during the holidays!

If you are on vacation, you still want your pond to be clean and clear. You also want that your fish are well taken care of. Especially for you, we have prepared the Top 5 Holiday Tips, so you can go on a holiday with a restful heart.

  1. Give your filter a good maintenance service before you leave
    Also during your absence, it is important that your filter system keeps on running, so your pond stays clean and clear. When you give your filter a good maintenance service shortly before you leave, you will prevent the filter from being stopped during your holiday.
  2. Ask if someone maintains your pond during your absence
    You can always ask someone to maintain your pond during your holiday. Be aware that especcialy a koi pond requires a lot of attention during the summer. It is therefore advisable to ask a person who is familiar with the matter. Maybe you can write an instruction for the one who maintains your pond. And if you explain the operation of the filter system, he is definitely well prepared!
  3. Must have: an automatic fishfeeder
    For a while, your fish can rest with a little less food. If you ask someone who is not familiar with ponds to feed your fish during your absence, he will probably give them too much food. It is therefore advisable to feed your fish with an automatic fishfeeder during your holiday. The Xclear FishFeeder can feed up to 24 times per day. The feeding time as well as the food quantity per feeding can be set freely.
  4. Make sure your pond is well protected against herons and cats
    Of course, you don’t want your pond to be emptied by a hungry heron or cat when you come back home. An (automatic) heron or cat scarecrow, like the AquaForte GardenSniper, prevents your pond from getting emptied. This way you can enjoy your holiday without worrying.
  5. Ideal: an automatic dosing system for water treatment products
    With a dosage pump you can add liquid water treatment and bacteria products to your pond, also when you are not there. With the easy to operate AquaForte Dosatech Dosage pump you can dosage up to 24 runs per day. The result: a clear pond!
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