The current weather fluctuations can have a visible impact on your pond and its life. Therefore, it is of interest to test your pond’s water values. This is possible when using test strips, drop sets and electronic measuring equipment. Because of the rain, it is important to keep an eye on the GH and KH values. All the water values together determine the total water quality. Below, you can find an overview of the most important water values for your pond. SIBO has reputable brands, in the field of water treatment and pond bacteria, in her assortment. This will help you to reach, recover and keep your pond in a natural balance.

AquaForte water treatment
AquaForte offers three kinds of water treatment products. Alg-Stop is a anti-algae product and is available in a liquid or powder composition. AquaForte also has Oxypond in her assortment; an active oxygen compound that affects the cell structure of algae, which makes them smaller or disappear. The third water treatment product is BioStabil. As it’s names says, provides BioStabil a stabil pond climate.

Pond Support
The biological products from Microbe-Lift keep pond water clean, healthy and clear. The most known are the bacteria. Because of there effective working, they cut pond maintenance in half. Therefore is Microbe-Lift in the US the most asked brandname in bacteria for pond- and surface water treatment.

De biologische producten van Microbe-Lift houden het vijverwater schoon, gezond en helder. Het meest bekend zijn de bacteriën, die door hun effectieve werking voor een halvering van het vijveronderhoud zorgen. Microbe-Lift is in Amerika dan ook de meest gevraagde merknaam in bacteriën voor de behandeling van vijvers en oppervlaktewater.

You can find more information about water treatment products in our Pond Magazine, call us at +31 (0)413 – 293918 or order them directly through our webshop.

Most important water values pond

pH (acadity): This value affects the wellbeing of your plants and fish. The value must be between 7 and 8.5.

KH (carbonate hardness): A good KH value prevents sharp fluctuations in the pH value. This value must be higher than 6.

GH (general hardness): The presence of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. The recommended value for this is above 10.

Ammonium: Fish secretions and the breakdown of organic materials cause ammonium to be present in the pond water. If the pH value is too high, ammonium is converted into ammonia, which is toxic and causes health problems for the pond life. This value must therefore be 0. Bacteria convert ammonium intro nitrite.

Nitrite: Nitrite is produced when ammonium is broken down. Nitrite is less toxic than ammonium, but can also cause health problems in the pond. The nitrite value in the pond should therefore also be 0. Bacteria convert nitrite into nitrate.

Nitrate: While nitrate is not toxic, it is regarded as an undesirable substance in the pond. It is a source of food for algae and inhibits the growth of small fish. It also increases stress levels in fish. Bacteria convert nitrate into nitrogen gas (N2).

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